Developing a sustainable model for local news

Social Spider Community News is the publishing arm of Social Spider CIC, a small social enterprise developing a new, sustainable model for local news publishing.

In 2019, the government’s Cairncross Review defined ‘public interest news’ as “the humdrum task of reporting on the daily activities of public institutions, particularly those at local level,” noting that such journalism “is in greater danger locally, mainly because the size of the potential audience for local issues is so much smaller, and thus inevitably attracts less financial support from readers”.

Our publications seek to address this danger, combining public interest news reporting by paid, professional journalists – scrutinising the work of local councils and public agencies – with features contributed by local residents and community organisations on a voluntary basis.

Social Spider offers a positive alternative to the long-term managed decline of local journalism undertaken by the large media companies. We are committed to serving the public interest of the communities we serve.

An image of newspapers
Photo: Penny Dampier