Our Publications

At Social Spider Community News we produce five local news publications in total – each paper has separate, locally-based editors and unique designs, reflecting the communities they serve.

Waltham Forest Echo

A cover of Waltham Forest Echo

Waltham Forest Echo is a monthly newspaper covering the East London borough of Waltham Forest. It is the longest-running of Social Spider’s newspapers, having been launched in July 2014. It was initially published every quarter, with funding for the first four editions provided by the Big Lottery Fund, but later became monthly with significant support from an estate agent. The Echo has since developed a strong local reputation for promoting campaigns, supporting charities, and holding authority to account. As other local media outlets in the area have declined, the Echo has now become the only newspaper dedicated solely to covering Waltham Forest.

Enfield Dispatch

A cover of Enfield Dispatch

Enfield Dispatch is a free monthly newspaper covering the London borough of Enfield. The paper was launched in October 2018, just over a year after the popular weekly title Enfield Gazette and Advertiser had been suddenly closed by its corporate owners, making several local journalists and other staff redundant. Dispatch editor James Cracknell had previously worked as a freelance reporter for the Gazette and Advertiser and, as a local resident, was concerned that the borough would become poorly served by local media without a new publication to cover what was happening locally. The Dispatch has won praise for its high-quality journalism, eye-catching design, and wide variety of articles written with help from people in the local community. The Dispatch was ‘highly commended’ in the 2021 News Awards category for Independent Community Newspaper of the Year.

Barnet Post

A cover of Barnet Post

Barnet Post was launched in February 2021 as an online-only publication covering the London borough of Barnet. In July the same year the Post launched in print, however it reverted back to being a web-only publication in March 2022, with the aim to relaunch in print at a later date. The Post returned to print at the end of 2024. The Post aims to hold power to account, promote the work of local community organisations and voluntary groups, and provide a platform for local people to raise important issues. The Post is an inclusive platform aiming to reflect the diversity of the borough and support local communities to tell their own stories.

Newham Voices

Newham Voices is a volunteer run monthly newspaper for the London borough of Newham. Each sixteen page monthly edition is distributed across the borough for free. The editorial team and journalists give their time for free to produce the local news paper that the borough needs. Newham Voices was establishe din September of 2020. Social Spider Community News became the publisher of Newham Voices in Summer 2023.

Haringey Community Press

A cover of Haringey Community Press

Haringey Community Press is a free monthly newspaper covering the London borough of Haringey. The paper’s origins date back to 2016, when Tottenham Community Press was launched. In 2021 we made the decision to expand the paper to cover the whole borough, and HCP was launched in November that year. The aim of the publication is to provide an opportunity for local people to contribute and raise important issues. HCP aims to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of Haringey, to celebrate its rich traditions and cultural heritage, as well as offer a platform from which to hold authority to account. HCP continues as an online only publication, publishing a final print edition in May 2024.

EC1 Echo

A cover of EC1 Echo

EC1 Echo was launched in 2019 with backing from a local charity, The Peel Institute. Currently published once every two months, it is the only newspaper dedicated to the EC1 postal district and its near neighbours. Following a call by The Peel for projects that would help connect the area’s various communities, which had become fragmented and distant with deep social divisions, the Echo was set up under the editorship of journalist Oliver Bennett, who lives locally and has worked across newspapers and magazines for 30 years. The Echo aims to chronicle matters of concern and interest across the area’s various communities at a time of great change, and bring a sense of place to EC1. With well-presented news, features and community content, plus a vibrant design and branding, the Echo has been well-received and highly praised. EC1 Echo was shortlisted in the 2021 News Awards category for Independent Community Newspaper of the Year. EC1 Echo ceased as a print publication autumn 2023 and is maintained as an online publication by The Peel Institute.